cara judea alhadeff


Cara Judea Alhadeff

Yoga Practitioner and Teacher in the Iyengar Tradition
San Francisco, CA and New York, NY


2008 - Present PhD from European Graduate Studies, Media Philosophy (in progress)
1997 - 1999 Diploma, Advanced Teacher Training Program, Iyengar Yoga Institute, SF
1993 - 1995 BA, Pennsylvania State University, Corporeal Politics, Summa Cum Laude
(transferred from Sarah Lawrence College, Cultural Studies, NY)


2008 Sue Hitzmann, M.E.L.T. Method Introduction, JCC, New York
2006 Ramanand Patel, 6-week series, Jewish Community Center (JCC), San Francisco
2003 Judith Lasater, Treating Anxiety, Anger, and Depression with Yoga, Yoga Therapy Conference
  Dr. Larry Gertler, Surviving Stress and Beyond: Taming Your Unmanageable Lifestyle
  Chiropractic Center
  Injury Clinic, Dr. Ron Harwin
  Lifting Your Practice from the Core, Michael Watson
2002 Anna Forrest, Weekend Intensive
  Brad Crews, Weekend Intensive
  Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga, Weekend Intensive
2001 Dr. Sophia Reinders, Yoga and Emotions, Iyengar Yoga Institute, SF
2000 Mary Dunn, Deepening Your Practice, Iyengar Yoga Institute, SF
1999 Judith Lasater, Replenishing the Teacher, three-week asana, anatomy, philosophy, psychology Intensive, Ivenngar Yoga Institute, SF
  Ramanand Patel, Yoga Sutras, Iyengar Yoga Institute, SF
1998 - 1997 Judith Lasater, Returning to the Self, one week Restorative Intensive, Iyengar Yoga Institute
  Judith Lasater, Living Your Yoga, Feathered Pipe Ranch, MT
1997 - 2000 Judith Lasater’s level 1-3 classes, Apprentice, Iyengar Yoga Institute
1996 - 2000 Judith Lasater’s advanced classes, ongoing student, Iyengar Yoga Institute, SF
1993 - 1996 Dean Lerner, ongoing student, (president of IYNAUS, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga National Association)


2008 Women and Cancer, JCC of NYCYoga and Sexuality: Channeling Erotic Energy, JCC of NYC
  Standing in the Field of Wild Horses:Yoga for Anxiety,WholeFoods,NYC
  From the Core, Yoga For Energy: Food For Life, WholeFoods, NYC
  Relax the Back, New York Yoga, exhale NYC, JCC of NYC
  Bats and Possums: Inversions, Kula Yoga, NY
  Taking the Should Out of Shoulders, Yoga Works NYC, New York Yoga
  Celebrating Being A Bi-Ped: Releasing the Hips and Groins, New York Yoga, Centerpoint Yoga Studio, New York;  Yoga Mandali, New York;  JCC of NYC & SF; Cedar Yurt and Asthanga Yoga, IN
2007 Restorative series and Back Care Workshops, Jewish Community Center of New York
  Yoga and Shabbat, Guest workshop teacher, Jewish Community Center, SF
  Preparing for Performances and Public Presentations,The Brooklyn Museum
  Body Awareness and Creativity,Pratt Institute of Art, New York
  Restorative Series, Jewish Community Center of New York
  Exploring Vulnerability and Strength--yoga workshops, Penn State University
  3-month Guest teacher at Lost Valley Educational Center/Eco-village, Oregon
  Guest Workshop Teacher: JCC SF, The Yoga Loft, SF, Asthanga Yoga, Bloomington, IN
2006 Teacher Trainer, Pure Yoga Studio, Seoul, South Korea
2005 3-month Guest Iyengar Teacher, Pure Yoga Studio, Seoul, South Korea
2004 - Present New Jewish Community Center, San Francisco
2004 - 2005 The Zen Center and The Bar Association, San Francisco
1999 - 2004 Yoga Tree, San Francisco
2003 - 2004 National Institute of Health study at UCSF, the effect of yoga on adults with COPD
(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), The Osher Center, San Francisco
2002 - Present The Yoga Loft, San Francisco
2000 - 2002 YMCA, Stonestown, San Francisco
2000 - 2001 Therapeia/Body Tonic, San Francisco
1999 - 2000 Castro Yoga, San Francisco
  BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute, San Francisco (substitute teaching for Judith Lasater)
1998 - 1999 Alamo Square/Western Addition Community Center, San Francisco Day School,
Lawton Elementary School, San Francisco
  Voyages Educational Entertainment Center, Open Enterprises, Levi’s Plaza Fitness Center,
The Dolphin Rowing and Swimming Club, San Francisco


  Yoga and Sexuality: Channeling Erotic Energy/ Yogic Breathing for Better Sex
  From the Core:  Discovering Movement and Stillness
  Yoga For Energy: Food For Life
  Women’s Health:  Yoga and Inhabiting our Bodies
  Taking the Should Out of Shoulders
  Celebrating Being A Bi-Ped: Releasing the Hips and Groins
  Bats and Possums: Inversions
  Relax the Back
  Standing in the Field of Wild Horses: Yoga for Anxiety
  Restorative Yoga


2007 WPSU, Public Television Interview, Pennsylvania InsideOut, Patty Satalia, September
2004 Fox Television, Interview, Teaching Yoga to Pro Football Players, December
2003 The San Jose Mercury News, 49er changes training outlook, Tight end Johnson used Yoga in conditioning, Daniel Brown, August
2001 San Francisco Downtown, Meditation: A Quest for Inner Peace, Nicole Terry
2000 SFStation, Restorative Yoga, Berin Goldnu


  Finding Discipline and Play in Frog and Toad, Iyengar Yoga Institute Review, Vol. XXII, #1, Spring

YOGA PRIVATES include 5-year long therapeutic relationships with students who have a variety of physical disorders including:  Diabetes, Parkinsons, Leukemia, Frozen shoulder, Chronic back pain, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Breast Cancer, TMJ