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private sessions

Private instruction with an individual student can vary from focusing on the alignment of a particular part of the body (for example, neck, shoulders, back, hips) to refining a flow-centered practice to setting up a restorative practice in your own home.

private yoga

You are welcome to choose one or several poses to work on. We break down the pose in order to clarify how to best use and support various bones, muscles, joints, connective tissue, and organs. The result is often a deeper experience and understanding of your body both during your yoga practice and off your yoga mat, in your daily life.

We can meet at a yoga studio or I will go to your house to help you set up an active and/or restorative practice that fits into your home setting (i.e., learning how to use objects around the house as props-sleeping bags as bolsters and phone books as blocks, for example.)

Breathing and redirecting the organs of perception (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) are subjects we can explore during a private session. Also, looking at how we distribute our weight and direct our attention can be very helpful.

Private instruction for up to four students may include partner work (ie., learning how to help each other in poses) and getting a clearer understanding of a pose by looking at someone else's body.

Fees are based on a sliding scale:

Individual sessions:
* 1 hour, $90-$100
* 1 1/2 hour, $120-$140

Group sessions:
* 1 hour, two students - $90-$130
* 1 1/2 hour, two students - $125-$185
* 1 hour, three - five students - $120-$150
* 1 1/2 hour, three - five students - $175-$220

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